2017-2018 Scholarship Award Recipients
Raven Waldron, BioResource Research; Jessica Roland, Bioresource Research; Dang Duong, Pre-Med Microbiology; Trevor Nash, Integrative Biology (Honors College); Nadjalisse Reynolds-Lallement, Biochemistry and Biophysics (Honors College); and Elise Whisler, Kinesiology

2016-2017 Scholarship Award Recipients
Ivana Dang,
Biochemistry and Biophysics; Lindsey Ferguson, Zoology with a pre-veterinary concentration (Honors College); Kelli Hoang, BioHealth Sciences/Pre- Pharmacy option with minors in Chemistry and Spanish; Stephanie Krautscheid, BioHealth Sciences/Pre-Pharmacy option with minor in Chemistry; Nadjialisse Reynolds-Lallement, Biochemistry and Biophysics (Honors College); and Hannah Valesano, Exercise and Sports Science.

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2015-2016 Scholarship Award Recipients
Stephanie Zhao, Biology (Honors College); Briana Frink, Chemical Engineering with a Pre-Med option (Honors College); Stefan Herrenbruck, College of Business and College of Agricultural Sciences; Duy Nguyen, Computer Science (Honors College), minors in Mathematics and Psychology; and Zach Goode, Biochemistry and Biophysics (Honors College).

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2014-2015 Scholarship Award Recipients:
Nicholas Agalzoff Bioengineering (Honors College) student; Erika Sawka Nutrition, certificate Medical Humanities (Honors College); minors in Chemistry and Spanish student; Olivia Fidler Dietetics and Pre-Nursing; minor in French student; Amy Walters Exercise & Sports Science (Honors College) student; Sarah Jacobi Exercise & Sports Science (Occupational Therapy Option) and an International Degree (Honors College) student; Wes Brown Bioresource Research and International Studies (Honors College); minors in Chemistry and Spanish; Roy Arnold, Scholarship Chair.

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2013-2014 Scholarship Award Recipients
Deepthika Ennamuri Biochemistry/Biophysics (Honors College); minor Psychology student; Alexander Boyd Pre-Pharmacy (Honors College) student; Claire Ostertag-Hill Biology, International Studies in Biology, Psychology (Honors College) and minor Chemistry student; David Shumway Biology, certificate Medical Humanities (Honors College) student; Kaitlyn Traynor General Science (Pre Dentistry), minor Chemistry student;

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2012-2013 Scholarship Award Recipients
Alejandra Marquez Loza, Bio Resources Research student; Minhazur Sarker, Microbiology (Honors College) student; Elizabeth J. Ragan, Anthropology-Biocultural Option, Public Health student; Jackson Olson Dougan, Biology-Chemistry-International Studies in Biology (Honors College) student; and Katie Vaughn, Interior Design student.

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2011-2012 Scholarship Award Recipients
Anthony Amsberry, pre-Mechanical Engineering program (Honors College); Kyle Ireton, Biochemistry and Biophysics with minors in Spanish and Chemistry (Honors College); Linda Nguyen, General Science; and Victor Tran, pre-Pharmacy major with a minor in Anthropology

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2010-2011 Scholarship Award Recipients
Christopher Betzing, Radiation Health Physics and Biochemistry/Biophysics, with a minor in Spanish; and Ben Kong, Pharmacy.

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2009-2010 OSURA Scholarhip Recipents

Josh Huhndorf, Health Management and Policy; Yun Soo Chung, Chemistry (Honors College); and Heather Hodnett, Exercise and Sports Science.

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2007-2008 Scholarship Recipients

Daniel Bai, Biochemistry and Biophysics (Honors College); Cathy Couey, Human Development and Family Science with an option in Gerontology; and May Beth Heininge; Human Development Family Science with a Gerontology option.

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