2014-2015 Scholarship Award Recipients

Pictured from left to right:
Gordon Reistad, Scholarship Chair-elect for 2015; Nicholas Agalzoff Bioengineering (Honors College) student; Erika Sawka Nutrition, certificate Medical Humanities (Honors College); minors in Chemistry and Spanish student; Olivia Fidler Dietetics and Pre-Nursing; minor in French student; Amy Walters Exercise & Sports Science (Honors College) student; Sarah Jacobi Exercise & Sports Science (Occupational Therapy Option) and an International Degree (Honors College) student; Wes Brown Bioresource Research and International Studies (Honors College); minors in Chemistry and Spanish; Roy Arnold, Scholarship Chair.

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2013-2014 Scholarship Award Recipients

Pictured from left to right:
Tom Savage, 2013 Scholarship Chair; Deepthika Ennamuri Biochemistry/Biophysics (Honors College); minor Psychology student; Alexander Boyd Pre-Pharmacy (Honors College) student; Claire Ostertag-Hill Biology, International Studies in Biology, Psychology (Honors College);minor Chemistry student; David Shumway Biology, certificate Medical Humanities (Honors College) student; Kaitlyn Traynor General Science (Pre Dentistry), minor Chemistry student; Roy Arnold, Scholarship Chair-elect for 2014.

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2012-2013 Scholarship Award Recipients

Pictured from left to right:
Tom Savage, Scholarship Chair-elect for 2013; Alejandra Marquez Loza, Bio Resources Research student; Minhazur Sarker, Microbiology (Honors College) student; Elizabeth J. Ragan, Anthropology-Biocultural Option, Public Health student; Jackson Olson Dougan, Biology-Chemistry-International Studies in Biology (Honors College) student; Jean Peters, Scholarship Committee.

Not pictured: Katie Vaughn, Interior Design student and scholarship recipient and John Block, Chair, Scholarship Committee.

The May 2012 Annual meeting of OSURA was good news indeed for another group of OSU students.

A total of $5,000 was awarded to four students in the general theme of ‘Promoting healthy aging’. There were 68 applications this year. OSURA's scholarship program is one of the most successful activities because of its impact to the university and involvement of our members.

The following are short biographical sketches on the awardees:

Jackson Olson Dougan
Jackson a junior from Hood River, OR with majors – Biology, Chemistry, International Studies (Biology) in the Honors College with specializations in Advanced Biochemistry and Environmental Chemistry and a minor in Spanish. …I look forward to a career in medicine and promoting healthy aging through treatment, prevention, education, and cross-cultural communication.

Alejandra Marquez Loza
Alejandra is a junior majoring in Bio Resource Research and comes to OSU from Ponce, Puerto Rico. Alejandra’s thesis research is being conducted in the laboratory of Dr. Kathy Magnusson , Dept of Biomedical Sciences in the College of Veterinary Medicine. “After graduating from OSU, my career goals include obtaining an MD and Ph.D in neuroscience.”

Elizabeth (Lizzie)  J. Ragan
Lizzie is a junior with double majors– Anthropology with a Biocultural option and a major in Public Health with an option in Health Promotion and Health Behavior. ….I hope to direct my career to improving the healthy outcomes of women. By improving maternal health, I will be working directly toward the promotion of future healthy aging populations”

Minhazur Sarker
Minhazur a junior Honors College Scholar in Microbiology with a minor in Chemistry and he hails from Corvallis. Minhazur is a student researcher in Dr. Manoj Pastey’s lab (College of Vet Medicine) where he is attempting to determine the function of a novel HIV viral protein associated with replication.  …I believe the key to healthy aging is research and a switch to preventative health care.  I will not promise to be the best physician at promoting preventative care but I do promise to be the best physician I can be at promoting preventative care. My best is the only promise I will make.”

Kalie Vaughn
Kalie is from Silverton, OR. She transferred to OSU from Chemeketa CC with an AAOT Transfer degree. Kalie is majoring in Interior Design/Housing Studies; minoring in Business, and will also earn a certificate in Gerontology...Since I was very young I have always been interested in houses and interior spaces. I hope to combine my certificate in gerontology with my interior design skills to help those who are aging in place and as well as make homes more accessible for people with disabilities.


2011-2012 Scholarship Award Recipients

The May 2011 Annual meeting of OSURA was good news indeed for a group of OSU students as they were awarded scholarships for the upcoming year.

A total of $4,000 was awarded to four students in the general theme of ‘Promoting healthy aging’. There were 40 applications this year. OSURA's scholarship program is one of the most successful for the organization because of the impact for the university and involvement of our members.

The following are short biographical sketches on the awardees:

Anthony Amsberry from Beaverton is currently in the pre-Mechanical Engineering program and is applying for the professional Bioengineering program. He plans to attend Medical School to become a physician. He is also enrolled in the University Honors College. One of his references said, "In a 30 year teaching career, I have seen only a handful of students with the passion for learning Anthony demonstrates!"

Kyle Ireton from Portland is majoring in Biochemistry and Biophysics with minors in Spanish and Chemistry with the ultimate goal of achieving his MD and PhD to become a physician involved in research. He is in the Honors College and has already acquired summer research experience. Kyle even served as a pre-med intern. One of his researcher references said Kyle, as a speaker presenting his research, was nothing short of a star!

Linda Nguyen is from Portland and majoring in General Science with the ultimate goal of obtaining her Doctoral Degree in Pharmacy. As a freshman, she uniquely went after finding out about research. She learned lab techniques as a volunteer and moved on to become the co-author (as an undergraduate) of a scientific paper that is soon to be published. In her spare time, she is an instructor for Vietnamese culture and language and a dance choreographer. She was a Portland Rose Festival Princess.

Victor Tran is from Beaverton and is a pre-Pharmacy major with a minor in Anthropology. His goal is a Doctoral Degree in Pharmacy and he has also been involved with an undergraduate research project. He has a strong interest in the cultural implications of pharmacology and medicine and to that end is pursuing a special certificate in medical humanities.

The scholarship program has grown since 2007 when $2,000 was awarded to three students. A total of $14,000 has been awarded to 16 students in the past four years.


2010-2011 Scholarship Award Recipients

2010 Scholarship Two OSURA scholarships in the amount of $1,000 each were announced and presented at the organization’s annual meeting in May.  Recipients of 2010 scholarships were Christopher R. Betzing and Ben Kong. (Pictured from left to right: Susan Poole, 2009-2010 scholarship chair, Christopher Betzing and Ben Kong)

Christopher Betzing carries a double major in Radiation Health Physics and Biochemistry/Biophysics, supplemented with a minor in Spanish.  He intends to become a physician and to assist people in managing issues of aging and disease through technology, provision of understandable medical information, and encouragement of a healthy mental approach to life’s challenges on the part of his patients.  Christopher is co-author of two research papers to be published shortly.  He was selected as a College Undergraduate Research Associate for OHSU’s Department of Radiation Medicine in 2007.  His summer research has focused on techniques for better defining tumor locations within the body, to allow irradiation with minimal damage to surrounding healthy tissues.  

Ben Kong is a student in the OSU College of Pharmacy, where he was last year’s president of the student Executive Council.  Together with two classmates, he has formed Project CHANCE, based upon the observation that patients do not always take medications as prescribed and the realization that pharmacists must be sensitive to each patient’s lifestyle in order to better control disease and promote healthy aging.  In order to increase adherence, weekly medication schedules and cards are created.  One reference writes that “the service has been well received by patients and providers alike.”  Another remarks that Ben is “an exceptionally intelligent, hard-working, motivated, gifted and kind student” who “holds himself to the highest moral and ethical standards.”    

These two remarkable students clearly exemplify the standards, goals, and criteria of OSURA’s scholarship program.  We congratulate them, and we look forward to the opportunity to encourage and support more of such students in the future.  Number of applications for the scholarship has increased multifold since it was initiated just a few short years ago.  You are encouraged to contribute whatever you are able to the OSURA scholarship fund at any time, thus enabling more numerous and more substantial awards to worthy candidates such as Christopher and Ben.


2009-2010 OSURA Scholarhip Recipents

Josh Huhndorf (left) is studying Health Management and Policy and created the student organization OSU Rural and Minority Healthcare Advocates.

Yun Soo Chung (middle) is majoring in Honors chemistry with a pre-med option and plans on applying to medical school after graduation.  Chung is a member of Peer Health Advocate at OSU.  

Heather Hodnett (right) is an Exercise and Sports Science student who is interested in older adult healthcare.  She held a medical internship last spring in India as well as a summer internship at Fitness Over Fifty.


2007 Scholarship Recipients

Daniel Bai ($1,000), a junior majoring in Honors Biochemistry and Biophysics. Daniel worked for two summers on a research project funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. The project is aimed at providing doctors and drug designers the tools they need to combat neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's.

He also finds time to volunteer at the Regent Retirement Center—giving lectures on his native China—and is a teaching assistant in Honors Chemistry, an OSOSU senator, chair of the Inter-Cooperative Association, and a College of Science ambassador. He plans to be a doctor.

Wrote Bai in his essay: “My experience at the Regent helped me understand the mental challenges that extroverted senior citizens face. Each year, millions of them are isolated in retirement homes with little family attention. That leaves them susceptible to depression and Alzheimer's Disease.”

Cathy Couey ($500) is a junior majoring in Human Development and Family Science with an option in Gerontology. She has had a long history of working with the elderly and at risk students—as a caregiver for the Visiting Angels organization in Albany , a resident assistant at the Oaks retirement center in Lebanon , and a reader/mentor for the Smart Program at the Green Acres. “My deepest desire is to improve the quality and delivery of elder care in anticipation of the gray wave of baby boomers,” she wrote in her essay to OSURA. “I have striven as a caregiver to preserve the autonomy and dignity of elders, even though the standards of co-workers and supervisors were often lower and less respectful.”

May Beth Heininge ($500) is a full-time junior at the OSU Cascade Campus in Bend , studying Human Development Family Science with a Gerontology option. She has worked for over 15 years as a nurse in hospitals in both Oregon and California . She wants to use her work as a nurse to begin a new career as a human services case manager. “Healthy aging is multi-faceted and I believe education is the key,” he wrote. “I would like to implement a variety of classes within the community for seniors to participate in and understand that they can live a fulfilling life in spite of the challenges life can bring. The areas she considers important to healthy aging include nutrition, exercise, the brain, and socializing. “The brain is like any other muscle,” she says. “If you don't use it, you'll lose it.”