One of the purposes of the Oregon State University Retirement Association, as stated in its constitution, is "to promote volunteerism in the OSU community." Thus, the primary focus of OSURA's volunteer effort is to support OSU programs, activities and events.

OSURA volunteer activities not only provide service to OSU, it provides its members with opportunities to stay in contact with the campus and students, as well as establish and maintain collegial relationships with other retirees. In 2012-13, more than 60 OSURA members volunteered over 300 hours of their time to support various OSU programs

Request for Volunteers - Guidelines (Word Doc)

Current Volunteer Opportunities

At OSURA's Annual Meeting and Social in May 2013, Sue Borden, OSURA Volunteer Coordinator presented Volunteer of the Year Awards to Betty Miner and Susan Poole. Betty took the lead in organizing OSURA's program on Energy Balance by Malinda Manore. She was also on the committee that organized our public lecture in November 2012 by Judith Horstman, entitled, "The Healthy Aging Brain". Susan was honored for years of work with OSURA, serving as president, as well as other offices, and volunteering for multiple volunteer events

The 2015 recipients of the Volunteer of the Year Award was Jim Krueger, Kate and Chris Mathews.

Chris and Kate have been loyal volunteers for OSURA events over many years, quite often serving together at activities like the OSU Career Fair, OSU Training Days, Flu Clinics, etc. They are also active in other community organizations, among them the League of Women Voters and OSU Thrift Shop for Kate and Audubon and the Malheur Field Station for Chris.

 Jim has been a member of OSURA for a long time, served on the OSURA Board for six years, being Secretary for two of those years. He was President of the Board for one year and made the establishment of more interest groups a priority of his tenure. He established the OSURA Travel Share interest group, which he continues to lead. He has recently organized an OSURA golf interest group and any golfer should contact him for details.


Previous recipients of the Volunteer of the Year award:

  • 2004   Glenn Klein, JoAnne Trow, Dale Weber
  • 2005   All OSURA menbers who worked on the ID-Card project
  • 2006   Arnold Appleby, Mary AnnRoberts, Bill Wilkins
  • 2007   Mat Amano, JoAnne Jones, Robert Michael, Robert Rackham
  • 2008   Helen Polensek, Al Mukatis, Ron Lovell
  • 2009   Nancy Evans
  • 2010   Roy Arnold, Sue and Jerry Borden
  • 2011   Kathy Health, Curt McCann
  • 2012   Jack Ross, Stephanie Jorgensen
  • 2013    Betty Miner, Susan Poole
  • 2014     John Block
  • 2015    Jim Krueger, Kate and Chris Mathews

Retirees interested in participating in OSURA's Volunteer Program are encouraged to contact the OSURA Coordinator of Volunteer Activities: Kathy Motley via E-mail:

For volunteer opportunities in the Corvallis community visit: