The OSU Retirement Association (OSURA) provides scholarship support to undergraduate students at Oregon State University who are majoring in a subject that contributes to a career that promotes healthy aging.

Currently enrolled OSU undergraduate students who have completed at least one academic year and who have at least one year of study yet to be completed towards their first bachelor’s (B.S./B.A.) degree are eligible to apply.

Scholarship awards average between $750 to $1,500 per person and will be awarded at the OSURA Annual Meeting in May. Funds will be distributed into student accounts for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Applications are due Monday, March 12, 2018.

How to Apply:
Please mail (or drop off) all the materials described below in one envelope to the address at the bottom. Incomplete and late submissions will not be considered for the scholarship. 

Include a relevant copy of your current resume. Please also provide us with your hometown, permanent address, phone number and an OSU email address and indicate the names and affiliations of your references for this scholarship application.

Prepare an essay not exceeding 500 words articulating how in your chosen career, you can contribute to the healthy aging of others. Include details of any activities you have completed towards this goal.

Reference Letters
Include letters of reference from two persons (e.g. your academic advisor, a course instructor or research mentor, from your academic major or college, etc.) who can address your academic studies, extracurricular school or community activities, and relevant job positions (e.g. paid, internships, volunteer, etc.) related to your interest in healthy aging. Please give a copy of the scholarship information and application instructions to your references and request that they comment on your potential to contribute to the healthy aging of others through your chosen career. Please do not use as references- parents, fellow students, former high school teachers, etc. Submit the references in sealed envelopes with the individual’s signature crossing the flap and the body of the envelope.

Attach an unofficial grade transcript of all your completed university work.

Submit Materials
All of the above material must be received by Monday, March 12, 2018 by 4:30 PM to:

OSURA Scholarship Committee Chair
A402 Kerr Administration Building
Corvallis, OR 97331

Call 541-737-4717 or send an email:

Established in 2002, the Oregon State University Retirement Association (OSURA) promotes collegial ties among all OSU retirees and between the retirees and the university community. OSURA provides opportunities for ongoing intellectual growth, social interaction, volunteerism, and service to the University and is a knowledgeable advocacy in support of retirees and the University.

Full list of OSURA Scholarship Recipients