2022-2023 OSURA Committees and Chairs

o Program Committee: plans campus and other tours, attendance at cultural activities such as theatre or concerts and group attendance at athletic events.

2022-2023 Co-Chairs: Tony Amandi and Larry Pribyl

o Membership Committee: tracks and recruits members and helps members stay connected with OSU.

2022-2023 Chair: Robert Smythe

o Communication Committee: helps develop the newsletter, publicizes OSURA events, and monitors the website

2022-2023 Chair: Kathy Motley

o Scholarships Committee: includes all activities related to awarding the OSURA scholarship.

2022-2023 Chair: Michael Schuyler

o Member Services Committee: provides information and programs on retirement issues, including pensions, medical benefits, wellness, financial issues and investment plans; advocates for access to campus facilities and services; provides information and programs on wellness and health care and financial issues.

2022-2023 Chair: Carroll DeKock

o Volunteer Committee: finds, advertises and organizes volunteer efforts related to Oregon State University.

2022-2023 Chair: Kathy Motley

Interest groups:
o Travel Share: provides an opportunity to hear about interesting travel experiences and to share ideas for successful traveling.

o Golf: This informal group meets monthly for golf at Trysting Tree when the weather allows.