Become a member today!

Membership in the OSU Retirement Association is open to all retirees from Oregon State University for a annual fee of $30 for an individual and $40 for a household (includes spouse or partner). All memberships begin on July 1 and run through June 30. Download the Membership Form.

Wondering if you are a current member? Check the member list.  

Why should you become a member of OSURA? 

  • Develop and support programs of interest to retirees
  • Enhance the lifelong relationship of OSU staff with each other and the University
  • Enjoy social connections with former colleagues and new OSURA friends
  • Hear presentations on academic research, civic matters and cultural events
  • Help make retirement creative and rewarding through activities and/or volunteering
  • Receive information pertinent to OSU and state retirees
  • Strengthen and promote ties between retired staff in creative ways
  • Support OSURA advocacy for OSU retiree privileges
  • Support OSURA monitoring of state government retiree benefits
  • Take part in educational outings and interest groups

Since its founding, OSURA has offered members the opportunity to attend and volunteer at OSURA and university events. From pre-game dinners to tours, members have enjoyed a variety of on and off-campus events over the years. Involvement with
OSURA through membership and events nurtures the active involvement and vital support of OSU retirees for years to come!